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Good day

Good Day: Poetry and Images for Seasons of Optimism is the collaborative expression of two who are friends and neighbors – a poet and an artist. The artistic expressions of each inspire the other, all within a supportive community. Gale, the painter, and Bob, the poet, are optimists who struggle in their lives and arts to remain optimistic and to foster optimism in others who share their hopes and concerns. For this is another era in the history of our imperfect species when we seem at times and places to act against ourselves and the earth that sustains us. Each generation must take up the challenge to do more good than harm. It is our turn, Bob and Gale's turn as artists, to save, beautify, improve and enjoy this bountiful and troubled world. It is tempting to wallow in despair, but, as Bob and Gale like to say: every depressing hour calls out for the creative day! That call gives birth to this book of mutually inspired words and paintings.

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