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Lakeview on the rise cabinet


The cabinet (right in front of the clubhouse!)

Gale's color design sketch

Gale's color design showing what will be painted on every surface of the cabinet

SE First colors painted

Gale begins by painting sky and foothills (southeast corner of cabinet)

NE midground

Gale has begun filling in the midground green fields, blue lakes and grey bike path (northeast corner of cabinet)

NW midground

Gale continues with sky, foothills and mountains along with green fields, blue lakes and grey bike path (northeast corner of cabinet)

SW Lake

Gale adds color to the lake (represents Robert Benson Lake near the Lakeview on the Rise community) southwest corner of cabinet

SE fencepost

Gale begins to add foreground details including fencepost (southeast corner)

SE early meadowlark

Gale has blocked in a meadowlark standing on the fencepost

SE meadowlark finished

Gale has added detail and outlines to make the painted meadowlark stand out from the background

E Bicyclists

Here Gale has ghosted in a family on the bike path (east side of cabinet)

SW Sunflowers

Gale begins to add sunflowers to foreground (southwest corner of cabinet)

S Canada Geese

A trio of Canada geese fly from right to left (south face of cabinet)

E Bike Path

Experimenting with placement on path of person in wheelchair (west face of cabinet)

E Color Figures

Gale decided to paint each figure a different solid color so as to represent a diverse community. She also added a gazebo (east face)

W Wheelchair

Gale decided to bring the figure in the wheelchair closer to the foreground. The person's gender is intentionally neutral. Detail/contrast has been added to the purple mountains

SW LongsPeak

Detail added to Longs Peak & Mount Meeker

N Pelicans

Pelicans are a common sight around nearby Robert Benson Lake so it was essential to include some in the mural (north face of cabinet)

NW midground

Pondering how to fill up all the empty space at this stage of the mural

SW sunflowers

Gale adds more sunflowers to foreground and trees and cattails to midground

S Doggy

This is a portrait of a resident's dog. Gale enjoyed getting to know some of the community's residents

W Redwing Blackbird

A solitary redwing blackbird sits on a cattail (west face of cabinet)

NE Prairie dogs

A couple of prairie dogs and a clump of curly doc plant break up the foreground space

NW Bullrushes

Gale has filled in more cattail foliage and a few more redwing blackbirds (west face)

Top sunflowers

The top of the cabinet also needs to be busy and broken up with contrasting colors and shapes

Top RB Lake

Here's Gale working on the top of the cabinet

Top Lake & Sunflowers

Sunflowers emerging

Top Bike Path

Abstract stripes of topography and bike path seen from above

Top East

Adding clouds to break up sky near Horsetooth Rock on horizon

Top butterflies

Gale has added more sunflowers in foreground and begun to add butterflies to break up space

Top Monarchs

Finished Monarch butterflies

SW Detail

Adding more detail & contrast to break up space

S Flowers

Adding contrast, busy-ness with trees, sunflowers, milkweed

E contrast

Deepening contrast on east face

N Pelicans

Finishing pelicans, lake, bullrushes

W Milkweed
W top contrast

Contrast and busy-ness

SW Finish


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