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Pachamama murals

In summer 2020, concrete barriers were used to create temporary expanded outdoor eating areas for select restaurants. The City of Fort Collins and the Downtown Creative District commissioned artists to enhance the spaces by adding murals to the concrete barriers.

Gale's mural assignment was for the Blind Pig Pub, which supplied the following words of inspiration for the design: Community, Culture, Love and Pachamama (earth/time mother goddess of the indigenous Andes peoples).


Handprints and bands of dripping rainbow colors on the panel to the left of the Pachamama figure


Central "Pachamama" Mother Earth mural with vibrant bands of color emanating outward. She is cradling Earth; the Moon is to her left, and the panel to the right is the sun


Sunburst panel to the right of the Pachamama figure. The vibrant rainbow bands flow into and from the rays of the sun


Here Gale puts finishing touches on the far right panel of the Pachamama mural. Vibrant bands of color give rise to hearts and handprints

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