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My Rainbow Explosion

My studio is rarely tidy, but today it looks like

a candy machine exploded on the floor! I am constructing a large mosaic using found/salvaged pieces of colored plastic in every hue of the rainbow.

Over the years I have saved all kinds of non-recyclable material: styrofoam, plastic lids, toothbrushes, drinking straws... and the more colorful, the better!

When my favorite flag of all time - a rainbow dot design created by local artist Amelia Caruso - became sun-bleached and wind-tattered, I brought it inside and brainstormed new uses for it.

The weathered flag was the perfect size to cover a sheet of styrofoam I had, and the idea of making a plastic mosaic was born. My design features an image of our planet Earth being held up by many hands in diverse colors. When it's finished, the flag will be completely obscured by my mosaic.

If you're able to visit my studio this week for First Friday Art Walk (6:00-9:00pm on July 7, 2023), you'll see my rainbow/eco-conscious "masterpiece" in progress.

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