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Nature Turning: a 360º panoramic mural

In Spring of 2021, a new community Lakeview On The Rise commissioned me to paint the transformer cabinet directly in front of their clubhouse. The managers of the south Fort Collins property are proud of their community and the features that make their neighborhood unique: the gorgeous mountain views, nearby Robert Benson Lake, a pelican-watching gazebo, bike paths and native plants and animals.

After visiting the site, I sketched a design that flows from one side of the cabinet to the next, all the way around: a 360-degree panorama. I took some artistic license with the proportions and placement of the different elements, and factored in the City's requirement for visually active imagery (no large areas of flat color that may invite graffiti).

It was a pure delight to work on this project! As I painted the cabinet in October and November of 2021, I interacted with many of the community's residents. Everyone was curious about the project and expressed appreciation for my work. I'm very pleased with the mural, which I titled "Nature Turning," and I hope it brings a smile to all who see it! To see progress photos of every aspect of the cabinet, visit THIS PAGE of my website.

Coming up soon: I plan to open my studio to the public for the First Friday Art Walk in March. My fellow tenants of the America Building (155 N. College Avenue in Old Town Fort Collins) are organizing to create a monthly enjoyable event for visitors. For more information, CLICK HERE. I'll post more details the week before the Art Walk on Friday, March 4th, 2022.


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